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About this Object

Object Name:

NGC 253, also known as "The Sculptor Galaxy" and "Silver Coin Galaxy"

Object Position:

RA 00h 47m 33.13s Dec -25° 17' 17" (J2000)

Constellation Location:


Total Visual Magnitude:



7.5 million light-years (2.3 Mpc)

Scale of Image:

The image is 2.7' (roughly 5800 light-years) on the vertical side.

About the Data



Exposure Date:

May 29, 1994

Total Exposure Time:

1.5 hours


Red: F814W(I), Green: F555W(V), Blue: F336W(U)

Principal Astronomers:

A. Watson (Instituto de Astronomía, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), J. Gallagher (U. Wisconsin, Madison), J. Trauger (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and collaborators.

About this Image

Image Credit:

NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Release Date:

December 3, 1998


North is to the bottom (approximately 170° CCW from up); east is to the right.