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Other Views of NGC 253


Note that all the views of NGC 253 on this page are oriented with North to the bottom and East to the right.

AAO + HST insert (Copyright AAO)

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) data of NGC 253 provide a detailed view of the central 5,800 light years. In the image to the left, the HST view is overlaid on a photograph (by David Malin) taken at the Anglo-Australian Observatory. This shows the relationship of the HST field of view to the full structure of this starbursting, barred spiral galaxy (diameter of 60,000 light years).

Detailed comparisons of this central region.

outline of region studied

The glowing region, surrounded by a box in this lower resolution display of the Hubble Heritage image, has been studied in detail by Dr. Alan Watson and his collaborators. This central region is presented in the images below.

(Click on the image for the higher resolution displays of the Hubble Heritage image.)

Previous HST Release

hot hydrogen image

The image on the left was previously released as a news item in 1995. The higher resolution tiff image is also available. (The orientation of the images in the previous release are North to the top and East to the left.)

The image on the right is of hydrogen gas heated (ionized) by young stars, such as those contained in Super Star Clusters.

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