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Full Caption for NGC 4650A

HST Exposures of NGC 4650A

Acquiring the HST Data

Space Telescope Science Institute astronomers are giving the public chances to decide where to aim NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Guided by 8,000 Internet voters, Hubble has already been used to take a close-up, multi-color picture of the most popular object from a list of candidates, the extraordinary ``polar-ring'' galaxy NGC 4650A.

The Hubble Heritage Team invited guest astronomers to form the Polar-Ring Science Team. They helped select the edge-on galaxies presented in the voting session, which ended Feb. 14, 1999, and subsequently participated in acquiring the data.

  • About the Vote:

    NGC 4650A


    UGC 3697


    NGC 4565


  • About the Observations:
    • The Program Coordinator for these observations, Mike Asbury, made notes about the challenges of scheduling the Hubble Space Telescope.

    • There are other observing challenges. For example, the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 detector is not square.

    • The black and white exposures are available in the public archive.

Converting the HST Exposures into Images

Color Image-Making

About NGC 4560A

Links to HST image & VLT image