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The Making of the NGC 6093
(M 80) Heritage Image

The two datasets that were used to create the Heritage image of NGC 6093 had similar but not identical images. Aside from imaging opposite sides of the globular cluster, one data set had a longer exposure of the filter F439W than the other dataset. Also, the reddest filter of each group were not exactly the same wavelength, although close enough to make the three color image.

F439W - 600 seconds

F439 - 60 seconds

Combining the two pointings to make one image:

1). Create a color image of each data set of three filters

2). Align the two pointings

3). Adjust the colors to be consistent

4). Rotate for optimal display

The background noise shows evidence of the two separate pointings.

The final Heritage image of NGC 6093 shows smooth consistent star colors.