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Bruce Elmegreen
Bruce G. Elmegreen

Bruce G. Elmegreen

Dr. Bruce Elmegreen works in the Physical Sciences Department of the Research Division of IBM. His main interests in astrophysics include star formation, interstellar matter, and galactic structure. Through a combination of observations, analysis, and computer modeling, he has proposed and developed models for triggered and spontaneous star formation processes in normal galaxy disks. With Debra Elmegreen and Magnus Thomasson, he demonstrated the existence of standing spiral wave patterns in galaxies, and was among the first to measure their speeds. His recent work on hierarchical structure in turbulent gas has applications to long-standing problems on the mass distributions and spatial arrangements of interstellar clouds and the stars they form.

Bruce Elmegreen joined IBM in 1984 after holding a faculty position at Columbia University. He received his Ph.D. at Princeton University under the guidance of the late Lyman Spitzer, Jr., and then spent three years as a Junior Fellow at Harvard. He was raised in Milwaukee, and attended the University of Wisconsin as an undergraduate.