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Eliot Malumuth

Eliot Malumuth

Eliot Malumuth still vividly remembers his encounter as a grad student with a famous astronomer. As the authority was entering an observatory shuttle bus, he turned to Malumuth and said "Have I ever met you before, because if I had I wouldn't remember".

Not even that, though, could deter Malumuth from his plan to become an astronomer - something he had striven for since grade school. "I guess it's the intellectual challenge of discovering something that has never been known or seen before", he explains. That's where for him the biggest fun in astronomy lies - and growing up in Brooklyn, NY, it certainly took some effort just to discover the night skies. He achieved his professional goal by attending the University of Arizona and the Graduate School of the University of Michigan. Afterwards he moved back to the East Coast, where he still lives and works.

Currently he is following the romance of the unknown at the Goddard Space Flight Center near Washington D.C., where he has been part of the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) team since 1996. He is also acts and directs in Goddard's drama club MAD. In his spare time he enjoys painting, traveling, photography, sports and chasing total eclipses.

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