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Sally Heap

Sally Heap

When Sally Heap entered Wellesley College, she put down "biology" as her professional interest. Mostly due to an excellent teacher she soon changed her mind - and she hasn't regretted it since, not only because astronomy offers interesting research subjects, but also because of the colleagues. Astronomers are mostly a happy bunch of people, she realized over the years.

After Wellesley College, Sally Heap moved on to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to get her PhD, but she soon headed back east to the Goddard Space Flight Center, where she has worked for the past 30 years. It's home in more than one respect, as she grew up just 20 miles away from the Flight Center. Through a remarkable coincidence, Sally and Heritage team member and co-founder Howard Bond were in the same 6th-grade class at Bethesda Elementary School, more decades ago than either of them cares to discuss. Both of them remember being excited by scientific subjects even then.

Heap focuses her research on hot stars, and she stays close to the skies even in her spare time, when she likes to pilot her small two-seater-plane.

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