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Eric Perlman

Eric Perlman
The Johns Hopkins University Department of Physics and Astronomy

Eric Perlman is an Assistant Research Professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where he has just taken up a faculty post. His scientific interests are in active galaxies, particularly those with jets seen in optical and X-rays, and also in blazars, which are highly variable AGNs in which the relativistic jet appears to be pointed very close to our line of sight. He also maintains a continuing interest in large-scale surveys and multiwaveband astronomy.

Perlman grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, where he became interested in astronomy by staring at star clusters and nebulae through a pair of binoculars in his backyard. He attended Occidental College, a small liberal arts college in Los Angeles, obtaining his bachelor's degree in Physics in 1989. While a student at Oxy, he obtained his first practical astronomy research experience, working in the Southern Hemisphere VLBI Experiment group at JPL. Perlman attended graduate school at the University of Colorado, Boulder, obtaining his Ph.D. in astrophysics in 1994. His thesis work was "A Multi-wavelength Study of BL Lacertae Objects", supervised by Professor John Stocke. After completing his Ph.D, Dr. Perlman moved to the Baltimore-Washington area, where he held postdoctoral fellowships at both Goddard Space Flight Center (1994-96) and the Space Telescope Science Institute (1996-99), before moving across the street to Johns Hopkins University as an Associate Research Scientist (1999-2000).

Perlman has a wide variety of interests besides astronomy. He is a tournament-level chess player (holding an expert's rating) and enjoys playing Scrabble and bridge as well. Perlman is also a musician who sings baritone with the Laurel Oratorio Society and studies voice. He and his wife Heide Grobe live in Columbia, Maryland.