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Orion Nebula image by John Bally (University of Colorado) taken with the KPNO 4 meter telescope (NOAO).

Bob O'Dell and Hubble Heritage image of Hubble-X taken with HST (slightly reddened to show extent of cloud).

Although Hubble-X in the nearby galaxy NGC 6822 looks strikingly similiar to the nearby Orion Nebula in our Milky Way galaxy, Hubble-X is much brighter and much bigger. In fact, if the Orion Nebula were placed at the distance of NGC 6822, it would be about the same brightness and size as the small knot visible just below Hubble-X in the above Heritage image. Fascinating facts on the two: Orion is 450 pc distant and roughly 3 pc in diameter. Hubble-X in NGC 6822 is 500 kpc distant and 34 pc in diameter!

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