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Here's what some of the voters had to say about the Horsehead nebula:

"It's one of the first nebula pictures we all remember seeing - all the way from elementary school on up, we've all seen pictures of the Horsehead whenever the schoolwork turned to space. Imaging a portion of the nebula itself with Hubble would be fantastic. I recognize that the full nebula itself is too big to be captured in a single image, however please take a look at the 'Face of the Horse'"

"Even though it would require several pointings, I think that the dark portion of the Horsehead nebula is the single most engaging object in the heavens. As a crowd pleaser it just seems to have a special appeal (though for completely unscientific reasons). Images like this do in fact engage the public in a visceral way."

"This is the most beautiful and fascinating nebula in the sky. To know something more of its mysterious nature is very important. B33 is the most photographed nebula of all sky lovers. The black nebula would require two to 3 pointings with the small CCD of Hubble. But to not take a picture with this telescope would be a crime!"

"The Horsehead Nebula is one of the most beautiful objects in space. Too often, it is overshadowed by the Great Orion Nebula and the Crab Nebula. While these nebulae are beautiful in their own right, they do not compare with the Horsehead when one considers the dramatic composition of the object and the magnitude of contrast with the surrounding space. Many amateurs focus on other bright nebulae, and are totally unaware of the existence and beauty of the Horsehead."

"The Horsehead Nebula, aside from being a mysterious and spectacular celestial beauty, has a few more hidden secrets that Hubble could teach us about."

"This looks like the horse head used on a chessboard. A close-up would look neat."

"I have loved the Horsehead Nebula since the first time that I saw a picture of it in my astronomy class. It is so very graceful and so very large and made up of small particles of dust. I find it very fascinating to look at and I believe that it is one of the most beautiful objects in the sky."

"It exemplifies the beauty and wonder of the universe. A familiar, pastoral object silhouetted upon the infinite. Quite a mind-boggling combination!"