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Starburst Galaxies

Close-up of NGC 3310
Image Credit: G. Meurer (JHU)

"Although starbursts last much less than the age of the universe, it is difficult to directly estimate burst durations. This is because the luminosity of the burst is always dominated by the youngest populations. We are tackling this problem by using the clusters within the starbursts as an archaeological record of the burst history. Clusters can safely be assumed to have formed over a very short duration, unlike the the entire starbursts. Since such clusters fade and redden with age in a very predictable manner one can reconstruct their age distribution from their color distribution."

Gerhardt Meurer

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Close-up of NGC 3310 in UV filters
Image Credit: R. Windhorst (ASU)

This image of NGC 3310 was released at the American Astronomical Society Meeting in January 2001. It uses slightly different filters that show the galaxy at untraviolet wavelenghts.

Visit the NGC 3310 STScI Press Release from January 2001