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        Arturo Gomez (English) Biography Arturo Gomez (Spanish) Biography  
Arturo Gomez

Arturo Gomez

Arturo Gomez

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I was born in Rengo, Chile, a little town near Santiago. In this agricultural region that is free of light pollution, I remember first seeing the Milky Way at the age of six. In that moment I became married to space and the stars. I even made my first telescope when I was 7 or 8 years old with a little eyepiece and a pair of my father's optical glasses (borrowed from him while he slept)! In 1958, while on ‘expedition’ with a group of Boy Scouts walking in the Andes mountains, I saw my first total solar eclipse in 1958. The birds and animals went crazy from the temporary lack of daylight.

My first job in astronomy was at the Cerro Calan Observatory in Santiago. I was there for three years before coming to Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) in La Serena. As an observer for University of Michigan, I used the Schmidt telescope and took hundreds and hundreds of photographic plates in direct and prism mode- a technique that is now obsolete. I’ve worked here at CTIO for more than 30 years now as a member of the "Tololo-Family". My non-astronomy hobbies include classical and orchestral music (i.e. Brahms, Mahler, etc.) and photography (Howard Bond has some of my photographic work). My wife, Patricia Caorsi, is an orthodontist, and we have three children, two girls, Pamela and Marcela, and one boy, Daniel. Two of them already attend Chilean Universities.

I wish to say ‘thanks’ to everyone on the Heritage team for the wonderful picture of "Gomez Pre-planetary Nebula,” optically known as "Gomez's Hamburger." More information on this object is available at "The Astrophysical Journal". 316 : L21-L24, 1987 May 1