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Individual Images of NGC 4319


F450W (B)
F606W (V)
F814W (I)

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Full Resolution Images of Composite BVI Image

1.0MB 2.0MB
This composite image of B, V, and I datasets has been log streched to enhance the faint features in the image.

Archive Data

The images used in this release are all currently available from the HST archive.

The following query parameters will show archive datasets for all HST observations within 2.0 arcminutes of the center of NGC 4319. This Heritage release image contains WFPC2 data from proposals 9580 (Hubble Heritage Project) and 6361 (Boyle and Schade).

Animated Gif Movie

Enhanced log stretches of the HST PC
in the F555W filter.
Quasar Mrk205 and its companion are center. Halo of NGC 4319 begins at the lower left corner of the image.

2.3MB (Animated Gif)

Animation Courtesy of NASA and Z. Levay (STScI)

1993 WF/PC Image of NGC 4319/Mrk 205

HST WF/PC V and I filter image taken by Amateur HST Observer
Karl Hricko in June 1993.

Image Courtesy of NASA and L. Frattare(STScI)