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Antonella Nota
Antonella Nota

Antonella Nota

European Space Agency (ESA)

Antonella Nota, the Deputy Head of the Science Division, was born and raised in Venice, Italy. Her love of astronomy started very early. As a teenager, she was one of the first women to join the AAVSO in Europe, and monitored variable stars for years from the Lido in Venice. She completed her university studies at the Institute of Astronomy of the University of Padua, home of Galileo. She worked at the Italian Aerospace Company
LABEN where she participated in the initial design of the Beppo Sax mission, and then she moved to Darmstadt, Germany, where she spent almost two years providing scientific support for the Exosat X-ray astronomy mission.

She joined STScI in 1986, as a FOC/IDT member and eventually became a member of the ESA staff in 1990. She spent ten years supporting HST instrument science operations taking on increasingly challenging management positions starting as Lead of the Faint Object Camera Group, then Lead of the Observatory Support Group and finally the Lead of the NICMOS Group. She is now the Deputy Division Head of the Science Division.

Her scientific interests are mainly in the field of post main sequence evolution of very massive stars, especially Luminous Blue Variables and Ofpe/WN9 stars. She has studied the nebulae ejected by these stars and used the nebular properties to constrain the ejection mechanism and refine the understanding of the last evolutionary phases of these very luminous and massive objects. More recently, she has developed an interest in the stallar function of young star clusters, especially at very low masses.

Outside astronomy, Antonella has many interests, including modern art and classical music. She loves extreme sports, and still spends her vacations scubadiving in remote areas of the world, or skiing. She is married to Mark Clampin, an astronomer colleague whom she met at STScI, and has a little daughter, three years old, Simona.