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Monica Tosi
Monica Tosi

Monica Tosi

(INAF, Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna)

I was born in Florence, Italy and raised in Rome. When I was attending high-school I already knew I wanted to be an astronomer, but I didn't know exactly why ...

I got my “laurea” degree in Astronomy in Rome and then went to Yale, with an Italian fellowship. I chose Yale because a good friend advised me that there I could work with "the best person to learn how to do work in astronomy"- Beatrice Tinsley. My boyfriend was already on the east coast, at CFA in Cambridge, so I thought I'd better go as soon as possible. I did; it was 1980; and thanks to this rapid decision I had the chance of spending one year with Beatrice, who prematurely died in March 1981. Beatrice gave me both the cultural bases and the technical tools to work on the chemical evolution of galaxies, which is still one of my major research fields. Even more importantly, perhaps, she introduced me to the "woman's approach to astronomy."

Back to Italy, I got a position at the Bologna Observatory, where I'm still working now as a full professor. From what I've seen in these twenty years, I do think that the woman's way in astronomy is great.

I'm still working on galaxy evolution, both from the theoretical and the observational points of view, interpreting observational data on star clusters and galaxies, deriving star formation histories, and computing chemical evolution models for galaxies of different morphological types.