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Eric Masiello
Heritage Intern:
Eric Masiello

Eric Masiello


Eric Masiello, an Information Systems Management undergraduate student at University of Maryland, Baltimore County, has been an intern for the Hubble Heritage Project since June 2002. Eric has been mainly responsible for the regular maintenance of the Hubble Heritage website. However more recently, Eric has taken on the responsibility of redesigning the entire Hubble Heritage website along with developing the recently added Hubble Art section.

“When I first started my internship here, it was my goal to bring more unity to the Hubble Heritage site. I wanted to have all sections of the Heritage website be easily accessible from each other while maintaining a consistent navigation and feel. After experimenting with a few different designs with the Heritage Information Center and Hubble Art sections, I finally found something that I felt was clean, fresh, and would make the Heritage site more usable from the perspective of our viewers.”

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