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Jennifer Mack

Jennifer Mack

Jennifer Mack is a Senior Data Analyst at the Space Telescope Institute. She received her undergraduate degree in physics from the University of Denver in 1993 and her Masters degree in astrophysics from the University of Minnesota in 1996. Ironically, to have the opportunity to work with pristine Hubble images, Jennifer left the clear, dark skies in the mountains of Colorado for a job at STScI in Baltimore. Though she now can only see a handful of stars in the sky, the stars (and galaxies) on her computer screen easily make up for this loss.

Jennifer is currently a member of the Advanced Camera for Surveys group and is actively involved with photometric calibration using stellar images of 47 Tucanae. She has also worked on a number of intriguing science projects, including the Hubble Deep Field.

Her research interests include galaxy tidal interactions, galaxy cluster dynamics, galaxy formation at high redshift, and the cosmologic anthropic principle. Her hobbies include mountain biking, skiing, singing/songwriting, photography, gardening, and making salsa.