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Lindsay Sargeant

Lindsay Sargeant

(Heritage 2003 Summer Intern)

I am a junior at Rochester Institute of Technology, where I travelled from Rapid City, SD to study Imaging and Photographic Technology. I was always good at science in high school, but when it came time to apply to colleges, I found that the art of photography was my biggest interest. So, I made a compromise: the Imaging and Photographic Technology major combines a professional photography program with specialized education in technical, industrial, and scientific environments. Photographers know how to use all their imaging equipment, but we tech students also know how it all works.

Astronomical images have always fascinated me. I had the childhood dream of becoming an astronaut or working for NASA, and while I no longer want to be a test pilot to follow my dreams, I can still get there through imaging. I did my own small astrophotography project for a photo class, and then discovered the Hubble Heritage Project and STScI while looking for information on how the actual images from Hubble are made. I jumped at the chance to see the Heritage team's work at the Images from Science exhibit held at RIT, and met some members of the team. Shortly there after I decided to start working toward an astronomy minor at RIT.

I have played the cello for 11 years, and added rowing to my list of extracurricular activities the fall of my freshman year. I've been a member of the women's varsity 8 boat and RIT crew for 2 years and counting. I'm excited for fall, when I will get back on the water with my team and help with RIT's new student orientation. Right now I'm trying to learn all I can about astronomy and images from Hubble.