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Lisa Frattare with son Austin

Heritage Spotlight:
Lisa Frattare

(Hubble Heritage Team/STScI)

Lisa Frattare is a native of Rochester, NY, and received her undergraduate degrees in Clinical Psychology (cum laude) at SUNY Oswego and Physics/Astronomy at Arizona State University. She then went to Wesleyan University where she earned a Master's degree in astronomy. She has been at STScI (home of the Hubble Telescope) since 1996, first as a data analyst, then as image processor for the Hubble Heritage Team and the Office of Public Outreach News Team. She has been with the Heritage Project since a year before its public debut in 1998. A five-year Heritage anniversary with over 60 image releases that Lisa has helped produce will occur in October 2003.

Lisa loves telescope observing, whether it be with Hubble or ground-based telescopes. Early observing in her undergraduate years took her to places like
Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff AZ and Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory in Chile. Graduate work with the Van Vleck 24" telescope in Middletown CT may have had Lisa observing NGC 3370's SN 1994ae in November of 1994. Kitt Peak National Observatory has been a regular spot for many years of observing. The Keck Telescope in Hawaii is one of her more exotic telescope experiences.

The Hubble telescope has also produced fantastic images for her work and for public outreach. Lisa has helped plan observations for more than 70 Heritage orbits, the collection of which can be seen in the Heritage gallery. Two Hubble outreach observations that Lisa participated in were the Helix Nebula for Astronomy Day 2003 and Mars closest approach 2003. She shares common goals with the family she has at Space Telescope and with the Hubble Heritage team members in a desire to make each new observation a rewarding experience for the public.

Lisa is married to Jim Wisniewski, whom she met at Oswego State in 1985. They have two children, 3-year old daughter Payson, and 1-year old son, Austin.

Hubble Heritage Team

Hubble Heritage Team


The Hubble Heritage Team worked with Adam Riess to obtain a third filter of NGC 3370 resulting in a complete HST ACS three-color image of the galaxy. Biographies of the members of the Heritage team are available from the Heritage Web Site.