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About this Object

Object Name:

NGC 604

Object Description:

Star-Forming Region in Spiral Galaxy M33

Position (J2000):

R.A. 01h 34m 33s.80
Dec. +30° 46' 59".0




Approximately 2.7 million light-years (830,000 parsecs).


This image is roughly 2 arcminutes (1,500 light-years or 500 parsecs) wide.

About the Data

Data Description:

This image was created from HST data from HST 5237: J. Westphal (Caltech), W. Baum (U. Washington), D. Hunter (Lowell Observatory), S. Faber (U. California/Lick Observatory); HST 5773: J. Hester (ASU) and J. Westphal (Caltech); and HST 9134: D. Garnett (U. Arizona).



Exposure Dates:

July 1994; January 1995; December 2001

Exposure Time:

4 hours


F336W (U), F375N ([O II]), F487N (H-beta), F502N ([O III]), F555W (V), F656N (H-alpha), F658N ([N II]), F673N ([S II]), F814W (I), F953N ([S III])

About this Image

Image Credit:

NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Release Date:

December 4, 2003