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Tiffany Borders
Tiffany Borders

Tiffany Borders

(Sonoma University)

The Hubble Heritage Project wishes to thank Tiffany Borders (Sonoma State), for her extensive data reduction and image processing on M64 as part of her summer internship at the Space Telescope Science Institute in 2002.

A native to Los Angeles, she has attended Sonoma State University since 1999 pursuing a B.S. in physics with minor in astronomy. Tiffany is interested in observational astronomy. Her research at the Sonoma State observatory includes such projects as imaging gamma-ray loud active galactic nuclei to establish a baseline for variability in support of the GLAST mission and as part of the GLAST telescope network. She is also searching for variable stars in the anti-galactic region of our galaxy and monitoring the brightness variations for selected classes of objects.

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