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Stephen Smartt

Stephen Smartt

(Institute for Astronomy, University of Cambridge)

Stephen Smartt is a Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC) Advanced Fellow at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge. He works on massive stars and supernovae. In particular he is interested in studying the final stages in the lives of massive stars before they die. This galaxy was observed as part of a program to directly image the progenitors of core-collapse supernovae.

Stephen Smartt was born in Belfast and received a Ph.D. (1996) from the Queen's University of Belfast. He worked at the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes in the Canary Islands as a support astronomer before moving to Cambridge as a post-doc in 1999. He was awarded a PPARC fellowship in 2001.

Recent Hubble photo release from ESA.

This image was created from archival data from HST program 9042: S. Smartt, G. Gilmore, N. Trentham, S. Hodgekin, and C. Tout (Institute of Astronomy), and J. Danziger (U. Trieste).

Jay Anders