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Mark Wardle

Mark Wardle

(Macquarie University)

Mark Wardle is a theoretical astrophysicist at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. He obtained an Honors degree in mathematics and a Masters degree in physics from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, before setting sail for a Ph.D. at Princeton. He held research positions at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University before joining the faculty at the University of Rochester. He returned to the Southern Hemisphere in 1996, spending several years at the University of Sydney before moving to Macquarie in 2002.

Mark's main interests are the physical and chemical processes occuring in interstellar space, and trying to understand the role played by magnetic fields in the formation of stars and planetary systems.

"I was interested in astronomy as a kid -- I still have the battered 60mm refractor I was given as a ten year old -- but it never occurred to me that it would be possible to make a career out of it. As an undergraduate I was interested in mathematics and physics, so I was thinking of trying theoretical physics. It was only during my masters research on cosmic-ray antiprotons that I realised that astrophysics would be a lot more fun. The mixture of physics, chemistry, slightly dodgy approximations and stunning images is simply intoxicating."

Jay Anders