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About this Object

Object Name:

NGC 1427A

Object Description:

Dwarf Irregular Galaxy

Position (J2000):

R.A. 03h 40m 09.0s
Dec. -35 37' 34"




The galaxy is roughly 62 million light-years (19 Megaparsecs) away.


This image is 2.8 arcminutes (51,000 light-years or 16,000 parsecs) wide.

About the Data

Data Description:

These data are from the HST program 9689: M. Gregg (Univ. Calif - Davis and Inst. for Geophysics and Planetary Physics and Lawrence Livermore Natl. Lab.), M. Drinkwater (Univ. Queensland, Australia), and B. Holden (Univ. Calif.- Davis). Other collaborators include M. Hilker (Astronomical Institutes of Bonn Univ.) and J. Chaname (Ohio State Univ.).



Exposure Date:

January 9, 2003

Exposure Time:

2.4 hours


F475W (SDSS g), F625W (SDSS r), F660N ([N II]),
F775W (SDSS i),
iF850LP (SDSS z)

About this Image

Image Credit:

NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Release Date:

March 3, 2005