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Heritage Spotlight:

Hubble Heritage Summer Science Interns
2000 - 2005

For six years now, the Hubble Heritage Project has participated in the Summer Science Internship at Space Telescope Science Institute. The project has employed college-level interns who spend ten weeks throughout the summer in Baltimore, MD. They work with team members, searching the archive, organizing astronomical data and learning image processing techniques.

Richard Whitaker
St. Andrews
Simon Crawshaw
St. Andrews
Tiffany Borders
Sonoma State

Hubble Heritage Images
Created by
Student Interns

This month's image of the Boomerang Nebula was found and processed by Lisseth Gavilán, Heritage 2005 Summer Science Intern. Here are some other images created by previous summer interns. Follow above links to student biographies and click on the images below for information on the astronomical image releases.
The tremendous effort that these students have made as members of the Heritage family is a sign of their dedication to the success of the Heritage project. Their work has resulted in numerous image releases over the years. We are truly appreciative of their contributions.