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Keith Noll

Keith Noll

Space Telescope Science Institute

Keith Noll received an undergraduate degree form the University of Illinois, and a Ph.D. in astronomy from the State University of New York at Stoneybrook. He has been an instrument scientist at Space Telescope Science Institute, first on the WFPC2 team, and currently on the NICMOS team.

Aside from leading the efforts of the Hubble Heritage Project, Keith adds, "In my life as a serious scientist I study planets and moons in our solar system, usually using spectrographs to sort out the molecular compositions of these complex objects. More recently I have begun to focus on brown dwarfs, those substellar objects lying beyond the solar system that share more in common with planets than with stars. By studying these objects, we are taking the first steps toward expanding planetary science beyond our own solar system. I have always loved this branch of astronomy because I am attracted by the idea of the near and the accessible. I relish the moments of surprise and discovery, the spine-tingling sensation of knowing something that has never been known by anyone before, even if it is a small and arcane bit of knowledge."

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