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Amit Kapadia

Amit Kapadia

Summer Intern: June 2006

I'm from Memphis, TN and currently studying Physics and Mathematics at American University in Washington, DC. Since leaving Memphis, I have studied at both a traditional university, and an art school. These interests have lead me to intern at the Space Telescope Science Institute where I can combine both interests of science and art through the Hubble Heritage program.

After graduating high school, I moved to DC to attend American, only to transfer to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Spending a year in in the bay area opened me up to many new experiences. Being a scenic city, I couldn't help but to pick up photography as a hobby. After returning to American at the end of my year's stay, I continued studies in Physics and Mathematics, but continue to maintain other interests.

In 2005 I put together a collection of photos and created a personal website. I use this opportunity to motivate my photography and as a way to learn some basic web development techniques. You can check out my site at