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ACS & WFPC2 Science Teams

James C. Green (University of Colorado)

James Green is the Principle Investigator of the COS Team and Professor and Chair of the Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences at the University of Colorado. His specialities include instrumentation, including design and leadership COS, FUSE, and the ultraviolet and planetary sounding rocket program. Astrophysical interests include the interstellar medium, intergalactic medium, hot stars, and cosmology.

Jon A. Morse (NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center)

Jon Morse is a Harvard graduate, and earned his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina in 1992. His research interests include studies of star formation, high-mass stars, supernovae and supernova remnants, and active galaxies. He is also the Project Scientist for the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph instrument.

The WFPC2 team was lead by Jon A. Morse (NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center).

Other members of the Investigating team include: Michael Dopita (Australian National University), Bill Blair (Johns Hopkins University), John C. Raymond (Rutgers University), John P. Hughes (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), Robert Kirshner (Harvard University), Knox Long (STScI), Ralph S. Sutherland (University of Colorado, Boulder), and P. Frank Winkler (Middlebury College).

J. Michael Shull (University of Colorado)

Dr. Shull's research interests lie in theoretical astrophysics and UV/X-ray space astronomy. Recent areas of study include theoretical modeling of the First Stars, Galaxy Formation, and Reionization of the Intergalactic Medium (IGM), spectroscopic studies of quasars, interstellar gas, and the low-redshift IGM, including a baryon census and abundance studies of Lyman-alpha and O VI absorbers, infalling Galactic high-velocity clouds, and interstellar molecular hydrogen in the disk/halo, Galactic supernova remnants and shocks, superbubbles, quasar spectra and outflows, and extra-solar comet clouds.

Barry Welsh (University of California – Berkeley)
Barry Welsh, a senior research scientist at UC-Berkeley's Space Sciences Laboratory, is a well-regarded investigator of the interstellar medium

Erik Wilkinson (Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation)
Instrument Implementation, Stellar Atmospheres. Spectrograph Scientist & Science Team Member

COS at Ball Aerospace