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Milad Afkhami

Milad Afkhami

I was born in Tehran, Iran and moved to the States when I was seven years old and have been living in Maryland ever since. I am currently a senior at the University of Maryland at Baltimore County and am double majoring in Information Systems and History. After college, I plan on retiring. If that plan is not attainable, I wish to either enter the military as an officer or work for the federal government, whether it is for the CIA, DIA, NASA or any other alphabet soup agency as long as it is a fun job and I am on the cutting edge of my field. My most preferred path would be to enter the military and then join NASA afterwards on a space mission.

My interests in astronomy began as a child coming home from school and watching the Discovery and History channels. The beauty of the images I saw made me wonder as to what is out there and I wanted to learn more.

I love skydiving, snowboarding, flying and anything else that gives an adrenaline rush. I hope to have my skydiving certification within a year and hopefully will go for my piloting license after that. I have a love and hate relationship for clouds. I only love them during the day when I can fly or jump through them and hate them at night when they cover up the stars.