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Andrew Fabian


Andrew Fabian

(Institute of Astronomy,
University of Cambridge, UK)

Professor Andrew Fabian is one of the field's foremost high-energy astrophysicists, He is a Royal Society Research Professor at the Institute of Astronomy (IoA), at the University of Cambridge in the U.K. He is head of the X-ray astronomy group at IoA, Vice-Master of Darwin College, Cambridge, and most recently, has become President of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Fabian obtained his B.Sc. degree in physics from King’s College, London and his Ph.D. from the University College London. Of his many professional awards and citations, his most noticeable are the Fellow of the Royal Society (1996), the American Astronomical Society's Bruno Rossi Prize in 2001, and the Order of the British Empire in 2006.

Professor Fabian is most noted for his contributions to the study of X-ray astronomy and high energy astrophysics. His current research interests are black holes, active galactic nuclei, clusters of galaxies, and X-ray astronomy.

Andrew Fabian

Other members of the science team include: R.M. Johnstone, and J.S. Sanders (Institute of Astronomy, UK), C.J. Conselice (University of Nottingham, UK), C.S. Crawford (Institute of Astronomy, UK), and J.S. Gallagher III and E. Zweibel (University of Wisconsin, Madison).

Prof. Andy Fabian at an outing with the participants of "Observing the X- and Gamma-ray Sky Astrophysical Spring School," Cargèse/Corsica 2006
Photo courtesy of V. Beckmann (ISDC).
Above portrait image of Andrew Fabian courtesy of ScienceWatch.