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The Many Faces of NGC 1569

Data of NGC 1569 were obtained with the Hubble Telescope by P. Shopbell (Caltech) and A. Aloisi (STScI/ESA).

Each camera onboard Hubble has a series of filters of differing wavelength. A filter must be selected prior to the start of each exposure.

Individual filtered images from NGC 1569 from the Hubble Telescope are shown at left. Each of the filters show a different component of the galaxy. In broad-band filters, such as Infrared, Visible, and Blue, the populations of stars are most easily seen. Narrow-band filters allow emission from certain elements present in the gas to reach the detector. In these images (i.e. Sulfur, Oxygen, Hydrogen), streamers, filaments, gas bubbles, and bright areas of star formation are visible.

Filters are mixed, coloreized, and composited to create a multi-color image that is informative as well as pleasing to the eye. Depending on the desired effect, some filters are omitted from the final color image.

To see a list of which filters were used in creating the color composite of NGC 1569, visit the Original Images page.