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And the Winner is???

In anticipation of the 2009 International Year of Astronomy’s “100 Hours of Astronomy” event, Hubble Space Telescope fans around the world voted forone of six targets to be observed by Hubbe. Nearly 140,000 votes were placed in March 2009 from students, educators, and the general public. The winner, receiving over 67,000 votes, almost half of all the votes, was the galaxy system, Arp 274.

Above: Six astronomical targets that webvters chose from for the next Hubble target.

The "100 Hours of Astronomy" event is designed to get people around the world to experience the night sky at the same time. There will be many other events, some probably close to you. Visit the "100 Hours of Astronomy" website for more information on local events in your area.

High Level Science Porducts for the scientific data of Arp 194 are available here.
Large format tif and jpegs of the color image of Arp 194 are available here.