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Science and Art Gracefully Dance Together

The appreciation of art is a unique characteristic of the human mind. Our response to the visual stimulation of a pleasing source causes reactions in our brain that allow us to feel good. Similar emotions come into play when one is moved by the beauty of nature whether it be on a microscopic, macroscopic or even a cosmic scale. Some images of the universe are intense enough to be intimidating, making the viewer feel dwarfed, insignificant or perhaps even afraid. More times than not though, astronomical images give us a glimpse of something abstract that fulls our senses with wonder, curiosity, intrigue.

Image at left: Astronomical Image: Interacting Galaxy Arp 194; Black on White
Courtesy of NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team

Image at right: Art piece: "preternatural breakup" by Justine Ashbee 21" x 30" Copyright ©2006. All rights reserved. Any duplication or use of thhis image is not permitted without Justine Ashbee's written agreement. Image has been used here with permission.

High Level Science Porducts for the scientific data of Arp 194 are available here.
Large format tif and jpegs of the color image of Arp 194 are available here.