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30 Doradus Viewed More Ways than One
The color image of the 30 Doradus region, taken with the WFC3 camera in ultraviolet, visible and infrared (0.8 microns) filters shows a colorful world of gas, dust and stars. In contrast, the infrared only image (1.1 and 1.6 microns) shows stars that are intrinsically redder and some that are even embedded in the cool dust. Move the cursor in front of the image below to see differences between the UVIS and IR images.

Place mouse over image to compare Hubble WFC3 images of 30 Doradus taken in the UVIS and IR.
Click in the image to see both the UVIS and IR images side-by-side.

"Do you see what we see..." Items to try to spot:
- moderate star in UVIS becomes extremely bright in IR
- lower right 'invisible' embedded star that shows up in IR
- "Christmas tree" shape in dark dust