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Marc Postman

Marc Postman


Marc Postman is an astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) located in Baltimore, MD. The STScI is a NASA-funded research center whose mission currently involves supporting scientific exploration with the Hubble Space Telescope and preparation for science operations of the James Webb Space Telescope. Marc is the Head of the Community Missions Office (CMO).

Dr. Postman received his undergraduate physics degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and followed that with a Masters and Ph.D. in astronomy from Harvard University. After graduating, he held a postdoctorial positions at Princeton University. He came to STScI in 1989. He has been in his current role as CMO division head since 2003, with a short stint as Interim Deputy Director in 2009.
Marc Postman in Sesto, Italy

His research interests include making observational constraints and discoveries about the formation and evolution of clusters of galaxies, large-scale structure in the cosmos, dark matter and cosmology. He is also interested in the implementation and design of digital sky surveys, future mission concepts for large space telescopes, and data visualization.

The Hubble CLASH Team, whose project acronym stands for Cluster Lensing And Supernova survey with Hubble, is an international collaboration of astronomers, led by principle investigator, Marc Postman. This Hubble Legacy Project's goal is to use an innovative survey to place new constraints on the fundamental components of the cosmos using the Hubble Space Telescope. More information on the CLASH Project objectives can be found on the CLASH website.