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Rob Gendler

Robert Gendler

Robert Gendler is a physician by profession but has been active in astrophotography for two decades. Robert started taking astroimages from his driveway in suburban Connecticut. He then spent several years imaging remotely from places like New Mexico and Western Australia. More recently Robert has been spending his time assembling hybrid images from multiple data sources including the Hubble Legacy Archive, the Subaru archive, and other professional and amateur image data. Many of these images have been featured on "Astronomy Picture of the Day" and in various books and magazines. Robert was awarded the Hubble Prize for Astrophotography in 2007 and is the author of three books on astrophotography (A Year in the Life of the Universe, Capturing the Stars, and Treasures of the Southern Sky).

An excerpt from his website biography: "Astrophotography has evolved to become a valid and significant art form in its own right. The rigors of celestial imaging are less well known. The physical and technical demands are great. Equipment is costly and experience comes only at the expense of sleep and comfort. It requires a substantial commitment but pays back in huge rewards. I can tell you it has enriched my life. I enthusiastically recommend it to anyone with an interest in the areas of astronomy, imaging, or computer science as astroimaging is a marriage of these disciplines. Just a word of caution; after your first successful image be prepared to be hooked for life!"