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Nick Rose

Nick Rose

Nick Rose Photography (Facebook)

Nick Rose submitted the image of Abell 68 to the ESA-Hubble Hidden Treasures Contest and won 9th place in the Image Processing Category.

Nick Rose is a freelance photographer from San Mateo California and amateur astronomer. During the day he work for the San Mateo Daily Journal newspaper. During the night if the weather is good and he's not busy he will take the telescope out and do some astrophotography. Just last year he collected his first data set of the exo-planet WASP-50b. Rose hasalways been interested in science and astronomy but had never looked at combining it with his photography until a few years ago. In the future he would love to get his hands on a 12" Meade telescope for Supernova hunting but for now he will stick with his 6" Reflector on modified GOTO Vixen Super Polaris.

When ESA/Hubble put together the Hubble Hidden Treasure contest Rose took the opportunity to work with mono (filter) imaging, which was a new concept for him. Since then he has stored away his modified DSLR camera and bought an Orion StarShoot Deep Space mono imager III with a color filter set and H-a filter. Rose states, "This was the best thing I could have done: it widens the objects that I could image in the light-polluted skies of the Bay Area. Before, I could barely see the Horsehead Nebula but now it clearly stands out from everything else."


Other Images by Nick Rose


Asteroid DA14 (Image/movie courtesy of N. Rose)

Horsehead Nebula (Image courtesy of N. Rose)