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About this Object
Object Name:
Abell 1689
Object Description:
Galaxy Cluster
Position (J2000):
R.A. 13h11m 34s.20
Dec. -01° 21' 56".0
2.25 billion light-years (690 megaparsecs)
About the Data
Data Description:
ACS/WFC data of Abell 1689 were obtained as part of HST proposal 11710: J. Blakeslee (NRC Herzberg Astrophysics Program, Victoria, B.C.)
Proposal co-Is include science team members listed below plus R. Bouwens (Leiden University), R. Barber DeGraaff (Washington State University), D. Magee (University of California, Santa Cruz), L. Bradley (STScI), and A. Zirm (University of Copenhagen). Authoris on the science paper include: J. Blakeslee (NRC Herzberg Astrophysics Program, Victoria, B.C.), K. Alamo-Martinez and R. Gonzalez-Lopezlira (National Autonomous University of Mexico) M.J. Jee (University of California, Davis), P. Cote and L. Ferrarese (DAO/NRC Herzberg Astrophysics), A. Jordan (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile), G. Meurer (University of Western Australia, Perth), E. Peng (Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Peking University), and M. West (Maria Mitchell Observatory).
F814W (I)
Exposure Dates:
May 29 - July 8, 2010
About this Image
NASA, ESA, J. Blakeslee (NRC Herzberg Astrophysics Program, Dominion Astrophysical Observatory), and K. Alamo-Martinez (National Autonomous University of Mexico)
Release Date:
September 12, 2013
The release image is a composite of the F814W (I) data from proposal 11710, taken May 29 - July 8, 2010, and F475W (g), F625W (r), F775W (i), and F850LP (z) data from proposal 9289, PI: H. Ford (JHU), taken June 12 - 21, 2002.
This image is a composite of separate exposures acquired by the ACS instrument on the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Several filters were used to sample broad wavelength ranges. The color results from assigning different hues (colors) to each monochromatic (grayscale) image associated with an individual filter. In this case, the assigned colors are:
F775W (i) + F814W (I) + F850LP (z) red
F625W (r) green
F475W (g) blue