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Grant Tremblay

Grant Tremblay

European Southern Observatory

Grant Tremblay is an observational astronomer and Fellow at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) near Munich. He is also an astronomer at ESO's Very Large Telescope at the Paranal Observatory in Chile. He completed his B.S. in Physics and Astronomy (2006) at the University of Rochester and his Ph.D. in Astrophysics (2011) at the Rochester Institute of Technology and Space Telescope Science Institute.

In Fall of 2014, he will move to Yale University as a NASA Einstein Fellow. His research interests include star formation and the dynamics of multiphase gas amid kinetic and radiative feedback from active galaxies, whose central engines are powered by accreting supermassive black holes. He has received numerous NASA research grants based on observations (both imaging and spectra) with the Hubble Space Telescope, Herschel Space Observatory, Chandra X-Ray Observatory, and Spitzer Space Telescope missions. He also dabbles in submillimeter and radio interferometry.

This science team includes: M. Gladders and M. Florian (University of Chicago), S. Baum, C. O'Dea, K. Cooke (RIT), M. Bayliss (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), H. Dahle (University of Oslo), T. Davis (ESO), J. Rigby (NASA/GSFC), K. Sharon (University of Michigan), E. Soto (Catholic University of America), and E. Wuyts (Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics).