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About this Object
Object Name:
Object Description:
The semi-major axis of Jupiter's orbit about the Sun is 5.2 astronomical units (483 million miles or 778 million km).
The planet has a diameter of roughly 88,789 miles (142,984 km) at the equator.
About the Data
Data Description:
The image was created from Hubble data from the following proposal: 14042 PI: Z. Levay (STScI), K. Noll (NASA/GSFC), M. Mutchler, J. Mack, L. Frattare, C. Christian, M. Livio, and S. Meyett (Hubble Heritage Team, STScI/AURA), A. Roman (STScI), A. Simon (NASA/GSFC), M.H. Wong (University of California, Berkeley), and R. Landis (NASA/JSC).
Exposure Date:
January 24, 2015
395 nm, 502 nm, and 631 nm
About this Image
NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) 
Release Date:
February 5, 2015
These images are composites of separate exposures acquired by the WFC3 instrument on the Hubble Space Telescope. Several filters were used to sample narrow wavelength ranges. The color results from assigning different hues (colors) to each monochromatic (grayscale) image associated with an individual filter. In this case, the assigned colors are:
F395N (395 nm) blue
F502N (502 nm) green
F631N (631 nm) red