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Poems to Commemorate the
Hubble Space Telescope
Servicing Mission

May 2009

Student Poems from the Maryland Science Center

Nine students from Baltimore City College High School partnered with the Maryland Science Center and Hubble Heritage Team at Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) to work toward the goal of presenting a live planetarium program called “Hubble Heritage: Poetic Pictures.”  The program included blending the latest astronomical research with creative writing.  After becoming familiar with the Hubble Heritage collection of images, each student selected their favorite one to inspire an original poem.  The one-time special presentation included the poems recited by each author while their words were accompanied by abstract treatments of their selected images on the dome of Science Center’s Davis Planetarium.  Visit the student's poems through the links below

Donna Shoemaker

Joanne M. Uppendahl

Joanne M. Uppendahl

Ebony Green

Jeannette Mason

Elan Sprouse

Jonathan Brundage

Jayson Lartey

Jessica Sigai

Kellie Morris

Micah Thomas

Shannon Jackson

Karen Z.

Karen Z.

Yienan Song

Short Story

"Hoag's Objective"
Written by Von Kraemer

A unique combination of fact, fiction and fantasy, this short story was inspired by the Heritage image, Hoag's Object. The author, Von Kraemer, is a science fiction writer and cartoonist. Contact the author for more information about other works and for a full copy of this story. Other short SCIFI stories by this author have been featured in "Planet Magazine."

A message from the author

As an artist and writer, I know that we are often inspired by the world around us. It was just such a picture
produced by the Hubble team, which inspired me to ponder the creation of galaxies around us. With their help, I
can look out into the great beyond, see the ineffable art that is the universe, and allow my mind to sculpt it into
words and pictures here on our little blue ball called Earth.

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