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Asteroid Trail in Centaurus

A nation of different races, stages and creeds
moving at warp speed with the will to succeed
children like me, more likely to be bright
like the light reflecting the moon in the heat of the night
rock against stone, friction starting a spark
that’s why the light shines bright in pitch black dark
that darkness is overwhelming, survival is tough
but every soul in its wake is a diamond in the rough
you’ve seen scenes flash through your t.v. screen
faster than NASCAR racers and infrared lasers
slicing black holes with white light sabers
flying through space like your windows screen saver
exploring the final frontier makes me feel braver
knowing that fictional characters on starships can be my mental saviors
but staring at pictures of space, suffice it to say
brings light, and makes better and brighter brilliant days.

Jayson Lartey

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