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Edge-on Galaxy NGC 4013

Look at this place called space,
It’s a real mess it’s all over the place.
Galaxies soar from different nations,
We monitor the situation. So we don’t have meteor confrontations
Which can only be shot down from space stations
When things collide and destruction reigns, we only seem to feel the pain,
We sacrifice to make our gain. That is which to keep us sane.
The light so bright, it’s quite a delight too bad it’s stuck into the night.
We go dive in to make it right the terror keeps me from the fright.
When light passes thru the edged reflection, it only brings up quick rejection.
Then the picture gains our just affection. When it entered into Hubble detection.
Dark clouds soar and appear to roar,
The space almost looks like a closing door and nothing more.
But even at 55 million light years away, in our hearts is where it will stay ‘till its uneventful judgment day.

Micah Thomas

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