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Music Composition

Musical composer Rick Arnest combines his love for astronomy and music in a five movement piece inspired by several of the Hubble Heritage images.
"Children of the Night"


Frozen Explosions
MPEG 11 MB (0:46 sec)
MPEG 62 MB (4:05 sec)

Heavenly Bodies
MPEG 4 MB (0:17 sec)
MPEG 74 MB (4:54 sec)

Human Nature Company Members: Jayne Lee, Delisa Myles, Paul Moore
Guest Artists: Breanna Rogers, Nate Montgomery
Video Photography: John Grahame
Editing & Post Production: Norm Shrewsbury
Naval Observatory: Chris Luginbuhl
Lighting: Eric Sounders
Sound: Chris Franznick
Web Editing: Greg Bacon (STScI AVL)

Human Nature Company
A Flagstaff Cultural Partners / Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition Production

The Human Nature Company of Flagstaff, AZ performed an enterpretive dance entitled Dreaming the Dark. Hubble Heritage images were incorporated into two of the pieces with the use of projecting several images onto the stage and dancers. In Frozen Explosions the images were projected onto a large sheet of material with dancers' shadows projected against the back of the sheet; in Heavenly Bodies the images were projected directly onto the dancers and stage.

The dancers were Jayne Lee, Delisa Myles, Nathan Montgomery, Breanna Rogers, and Paul Moore.

3D Viewers

Since the inception of the Hubble Heritage Project in October 1998, Akira Inaka has been creating lively 3D images from the two dimensional Heritage digital releases. Every once in a while, the team receives a package from Tokyo, with his latest slides. It is awe inspiring to see our space images through yet another dimension.

Concept Design by Akira Inaka (Japan)
Link to Inaka's 3D-Space World

Heritage Team Members Viewing New 3D Images

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