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Milo Reckow

Milo W. Reckow

Classical Artist

Milo Reckow is a graduate from the Los Angeles Art Institute and the University of Southern California, which was supported on the GI bill. He is a Marine Veteran from WWII, honorably discharged with a Purple Heart.

In the Hollywood era of his life, his advertising talents were exhibited at RKO Pictures and he worked directly with Howard Hughes. The 4A Advertising Agencies and Fredrick's of Hollywood also exhibited Milo's creative talents. Portraits were his specialties, as was the anatomy of the human body.

Reno, Nevada became his home and he developed the business of wall murals. A successful national mail order company that the customer could paint by numbers for the mural of their choice. Many homes in Reno still enjoy the tranquility of his art designs.

Once settled in Las Vegas, he was employed by the Department of Energy with "Q" clearance. He was the Head of the Graphic Arts Department, working there for 23 years.

The opportunity to expand his wonderous talents went to his love of outer space and the dinosaur kingdom. His space oil paintings remain in the Smithsonian Institute and were also enjoyed by Grolier Encyclopedia for his artistic creation of the surface of Pluto. His dinosaur series continues to tour US libraries.

He now resides outside of Las Vegas and enjoys the dark skies. His love of horses came from his late wife's life and these memories encouraged him to draw. It is a simple and final relationship for this great artist to combine his love for the cosmos and his love for the horse. The colors and conformations of the gases, dust, and comets makes quite a thrill for the viewer's interpretation.

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