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NASA Space Mural/Hubba Bubba

Design by William Newman (Corcoran College of Art and Design)

The Washington Project for the Arts selected painter William Newman, a WPA\C ArtFile member to design and oversee the painting of a 10 foot by 40 foot color mural entitled, NASA Space Mural/Hubba Bubba. With the aid of computers, Newman used images culled from more than 250 images captured by NASA's Hubble telescope (including Hubble Heritage Images) to create the mural. With the help of his students, the mural was painted over a period of 15 days, on-site at the Corcoran College of Art and Design during the month of December 2001. It was dedicated and permanently installed on the outside of the Millennium Arts Center, 65 Eye Street, SW, Washington, DC.

This WPA partnership with NASA art and space program provides outreach to our local artist community, hands on training for artists and an educational opportunity for the students to learn about Hubbell telescope imagery. The mural was painted with the help of artists between 17 and 68 years old. The mural was painted on ten 10' x 4' weatherproof, MDO panels, sealed on both sides and edges with a weatherproof fixative.

Washington Project for the Arts mural artists: Brigitte Reyes, Jim Shulman, Jason Tar, Tom Bowden, Sarah Trumbauer, Brian Hamill, Kim Ho, Betsy Winton, Teresa Audia, Gabriel Abrantes, Dave Beers, Claude Burgett, Debbie Petersen, Terri Potts, Robert Malin, Jason Zimmerman, Jeff, Steve and Joe Walker, Alan Smithy, Robin Maxell, William Newman and Bill Wooby

Visit the Washington Project for the Arts Corcoran Website for More information

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