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Hubble Heritage Information Center


Hubble Heritage Awards

Recent awards given to the
Hubble Heritage Project and Hubble Heritage Web site

Hubble Heritage image of V838 Mon was selected to be in the 2008 Rochester Institute of Technology Images from Science 2 Gallery.

Electronics "Skins"

Hubble Heritage Carina Nebula image offered as XBox, laptop and DS skins in 2008.

The Washington Times Newspaper

Arp 87 is prominently displayed on the front page of the October 31, 2007 edition of The Washington Times Newspaper.

American Astronomical Society Education Prize

On behalf of the Hubble Heritage Team, principle investigator Keith Noll wins the 2007 AAS Education Prize for his role in creating and leading the Hubble Heritage Project.
Read the Prize Citation and Keith Noll's Acceptance Letter.

Time Magazine

Time image of the week for June 4-10, 2005.

Heritage Image Used on World Book Binding

The World Book at is using V838 Monocerotis as a choice for the binding on their 2005 Encyclopedia.

The 2003 Klumpke-Roberts Award of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific has announced that the Hubble Heritage Team has been awarded the Klumpke-Roberts award for "outstanding contributions to the public understanding and appreciation of astronomy."

UK Postage stamp showing NGC 6751 and MZ3

Three of four Hubble images selected to be part of the British "Across the Universe".

Stampe Collection First date of issue: 24 September 2002

Galaxy M51
Edge-on Galaxy Keyhole Nebula
click image to enlarge
Zolt Levay, Lisa Frattare,
and Keith Noll (Left to Right)
image courtesy of J. Hayden

"Organized to showcase photographs made in pursuit of science, IMAGES from SCIENCE welcomes pictures made with any imaging tools as the source, not only traditional photographic ones."

The Heritage Team was invited to submit up to four images to to the Rochester Institute of Technology IMAGES from SCIENCE call for images. M51 and The Keyhole Nebula were selected and hung in a gallery exhibition along with 53 other images from various disciplines.

A reception for the final images and their creators was held in October 2002 at RIT. The show is now an international travelling exhibit.

Mz 3
NGC 4013 The Year in Pictures 2001

Two images from Hubble Heritage Project were selected as Readers' Choice Images of the Year for 2001 (in Part 1, image #5 and #9).


The US Postage stamp showing the Ring Nebula

One of five Hubble images selected to be part of a commemorative series of postage stamps honoring astronomer Edwin P. Hubble.

First date of issue: 10 April 2000

2000 Infinity Award for Applied Photography

This award was given to Hubble Heritage team, by the International Center of Photography in New York, in recognition for our excellence in the field of photography and writing.

Critical Mass Award

This general www award recognizes "critical" web sites that have useful content, good design and presentation, and that are easy to navigate.

Griffith Observatory STAR Award

This award was given to Hubble Heritage Web site in January 1999, only three months after our October 1998 debut, for promoting excellent public awareness of astronomy. Hot Site

Hubble Heritage Web site was picked as a "hot site of the day" by the USA site in November 1998.

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