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Eric Masiello (dj illEffect) @ the  WMBC Radio Station

Eric Masiello

Eric Masiello
intern: June 2002 - July 2003

I moved to Maryland at the start of my high school freshman year in the summer of 1995 from Somers, Connecticut. Not knowing too many people and having lots of free time, I occupied myself by toying around with my father's computer. With an artistic background already established from my youth, I quickly redirected my inspiration to the digital realm with graphic design. By the end of my senior year of high school, I had already spent enough hours in front of a computer that when it came time to make that 'big decision', I decided to pursue a Computer Science degree at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) in the fall of 1999.

As it turned out, Computer Science wasn't exactly my cup of tea. I decided it was best to switch my major to Information Systems (IFSM) where I felt my strong background in computing would still be useful, but most of that horrible programming could be avoided. This was all well and good but at this point I really had no idea where this major was going to get me in life. Thankfully, this problem quickly dissolved after I took my first course in interface design. I quickly realized that this was a perfect career path for me because of the way I could so easily meld my technical and artistic expertise.

I became an intern for the Hubble Heritage Project in June 2002 during my Junior year at UMBC. Initially, I was mainly responsible for the regular maintenance of the Hubble Heritage website. Later, I took on the responsibility of developing the Hubble Art section and redesigning the entire Hubble Heritage website.

“When I first started my internship here, it was my goal to bring more unity to the Hubble Heritage site. I wanted to have all sections of the Heritage website be easily accessible from each other while maintaining a consistent navigation and feel. After experimenting with a few different designs with the Heritage Information Center and Hubble Art sections, I finally found something that I felt was clean, fresh, and would make the Heritage site more usable from the perspective of our viewers.”

In my [very little] spare time, I practice my hobby as a disc jockey, mixing drum and bass under the alias DJ illEffect. I've been working diligently for the past three and half years trying to make a name for myself . It has been an incredible experience thus far, allowing myself along with my crewmates ( to play at numerous clubs, bars, warehouses, and other venues in Baltimore and Washington DC.

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