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Jayanne English

Jayanne English

Heritage Postdoc: 1998 - 2000

Jayanne English has an unusual post-doctoral fellowship at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI). In addition to doing research, she coordinates the Hubble Heritage project and authors the Hubble Heritage website. Jayanne also contributes to the creation of Hubble Heritage color pictures of astronomical objects, sometimes taking on the role of main imagemaker (e.g., for the image of a Hickson Compact Group 87). She is to blame for the existence of the collage pages, beginning with the the Bubble Nebula links page, except for the four that Lisa Frattare was inspired to created for Heritage's 1st Anniversary.

Like many families in Toronto, Canada, Jayanne's traveled on weekends up to cottage country, where they had a mesmerizing view of the sky. Perhaps this is why Jayanne cannot remember a time when she was not fascinated by astronomy. Before her graduation from the Ontario College of Art, she had already begun the B.Sc. program in astronomy at the University of Toronto, where, as befitting an artist, she is remembered as colourful. Her Ph.D. adventure was under the starry skies "down under" at Mount Stromlo & Siding Spring Observatories in Australia, under the supervision of Ken Freeman. After her Ph.D. was granted in 1994 from the Australian National University, she enjoyed the Canadian snows and two enriching post-doctoral fellowships, with Judith Irwin, at Queen's University. She has been promoting the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey (CGPS/RCPG) to her astronomy colleagues in Baltimore, where STScI resides, since her arrival at STScI at the end of August 1998.

Jayanne's research interests include the behaviour of gas in interacting galaxies and the exchanges of mass and energy between a galaxy's disk and its halo. At the moment she is particularly obsessed with the CGPS/RCPG Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory data showing a mushroom-shaped cloud bursting more than 1000 light-years out of the plane of the Milky Way. As well as leading a team of researchers studying this cloud, she's made images of it and other gas features in the plane of our Milky Way galaxy.

The opportunities for producing astronomical images from HST and CGPS datasets in the last two years have distracted Jayanne from curating art shows and exhibiting her other artworks. However her cooking is still artistically delicious and adventurous. Another interest is bicycling, which she uses to try to minimize the effects of her cooking.

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