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Jisoo Lee

Jisoo Lee

Heritage Intern: Fall 2001 - Spring 2002
Heritage Webmaster: Summer 2002

I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea until I was 10 years old, then my family decided to immigrate to the United States. I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland ever since and learned to adapt, change and take chances with the new culture. I pretty much consider good old charm city my home at heart.

I grew up watching many Sci-fi movies and animations, and they inspired me to pursue a major as Imaging and Digital Arts at University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

I have always considered myself fearless and eager when it came to learning new things, and I am very thankful and fortunate that I got to be a part of the Hubble Heritage Project in which the possibilities are infinite. I plan to make the best of my learning experience at Hubble Heritage as a web development intern. I plan to work as web designer and animator after graduating, so I know this experience will enrich me in each aspect. I'm also greatful that I would have a chance to learn from the STscI's AVL (Audio-Visualization Lab) team about computer animation. I should also thank my sister, Grace Lee, for letting me know about the internship opportunity at STscI (hm..this entire paragraph sounds like I'm giving some kind of Oscar nominee speech).

In my spare time, I enjoy drawing, painting, and sketching out comicbooks while listening to Radiohead. I also like shooting pool and used to enjoy hitting the slope until I had a skiing accident.

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